Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday January 21, 2008
Acid-base website !

See this easy to navigate and calculate acid-base disorders website. Simply compute your numbers and have mutiple/overlapping disorder in few seconds instead of lengthy calculations.

Calculator can be find

The physiological basis of acid-base disorder is discussed in detail. The online text is available free for HTML version (pdf has charge). Book has 9 chapters including

  • Body Fluids,
  • Goals, Definitions, and Basic Principles,
  • The Simplest Acid-Base System: Pure Water,
  • Strong Ions and the Strong Ion Difference,
  • Weak electrolytes and buffers,
  • Strong ions plus carbon dioxide (isolated, intact interstitial fluid),
  • Strong ions plus carbon dioxide plus weak acid: isolated blood plasma and isolated intracellular fluid,
  • Interactions between body fluids and
  • Whole-body acid-base balance

Book can be read

(we added calculator in our calculators section - see side bar)

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